About us

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We're a concierge mobile IV infusion company, specializing in hydration, vitamin infusions and hangover relief. We are a completely mobile company, meaning we offer our services in the privacy of your own home, hotel, or office. We are comprised of a team of board certified doctors, and nurses with over 40 years of combined medical experience in the Emergency Department, Rehabilitation Center's, Urgent Care and ICU. Gathering our vast experience and combining it with our  knowledge we have created "super team" of medical professionals that understands your body and its needs. 

We can create custom IV hydrations, elixirs and drips for your every need. Our IV infusions are exquisitely designed to help optimize your overall well being. 

We look forward to helping you live a healthy life!


Our mission is to optimally improve the way you feel by alleviating any adverse symptoms you may have in less than than an hour. All our IV solutions provide quick relief from a hangover, jet lag, stress, the flu, food poisoning, massive headaches, or general fatigue. Our custom IV treatments will leave you feeling restored and invigorated after a workout and can even enhance your workout. 

All of our services are administered by board certified RN’s and MD’s. Our services are always discreet and professionally administered in the comfort of your home , hotel, business, or exclusive event.  We look forward to helping optimize your body!



Dr. William Stanley is the Medical Director for IV H.E.A.D., LLC.  He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Stanley graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and completed his training in Internal Medicine at Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His experience spans over several decades across emergency departments, primary care and private practice. In his current capacity, he focuses on the treatment of Substance Use Disorders via a 40-bed inpatient detox unit, as well as, 2 outpatient treatment programs. Dr. Stanley believes that everyone "deserves to live a healthy and prosperous life." 

Sharine Forbes, MSG, BSN, BA, RN

Sharine P. Forbes received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA. Choosing to continue with her education, she obtained her Master of Science in Gerontology from the University of Southern California (USC). Furthermore, for years Ms. Forbes held the position of Director of Programs, where she developed a holistic program that invoked six different dimensions of well-being. Realizing her passion for wellness and health she decided to enrolled at Duke University. While there she completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Upon graduation she was immediately drawn to the ICU, where she excelled and thrived caring for the most ill and delicate of patients found in trauma centers and under-served communities. Utilizing her knowledge and experience, and combining it with her passion for wellness, she teamed up with Dr.Stanley and created IV Hydration, Elixirs and Drips, LLC (IV H.E.A.D).